Camp TechKobwa

I should write a post about Camp TechKobwa, but pictures are worth a thousand words, or some such.

PCV Lyla came up with the idea for Camp TechKobwa – a camp to bring girls from throughout Rwanda together to learn about computers and build on the emphasis Rwanda has placed on the development of ICT (Information Communications Technology).

48 girls from 7 different schools came to camp, along with their ICT teachers. Many of these girls have never used a computer, much less learned about programming, photography, and robotics – some of the lessons they were exposed to during the weeklong camp hosted at Gashora Girls Academy in Bugasera District.

We had help from the Ministry of Youth and ICT, kLab, Girls in ICT, and Peace Corps, in addition to donations of time, money, and resources from a variety of companies. Guest speakers exposed the girls to various careers in technology, from film production and journalism to computer programming and PR. Afternoon activities engaged the girls in creative thinking activities and taught them leadership skills as well as healthy living.

We believe Camp TechKobwa was a HUGE success and hope it not only gave the girls increased confidence in using technology but will encourage them to consider careers in technology as possible.


2 thoughts on “Camp TechKobwa

  1. Thanks for all the pictures!! This looks like it couldn’t help but be a huge success!! Is this the first year PCV who thought of this? Or better asked, is this the first year this camp has been offered?
    What a tremendous opportunity for these young women. I hope the camp becomes an annual event! BTW, your dress is ADORABLE!! ❤

    • This was the first year this camp has happened but we’re already making plans for next year and I want to find a way to make it happen in more areas of the country – so we can have four camps a year and not just one.

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